Information about Slavutich Flag, Emblem and Hymn

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Slavutich is the place,
where a lot of muses get into
for just bother with little poor Doddy

You can read about Slavutich in detail here
You can look at photos of Slavutich here
Exlusive! Photos of waterfall in Slavutich. Only here
Links to Tv-chennels, which are transmitted in Slavutich R here
Links to other sites about ChNPP and Slavutich are here
The map of Slavutich is here
Train shedule and bus shedule from Kiev and Chernigov to Slavutich are here
The song about Slavutich. Wanna
words - V.Medved, music - V.Nikinov, perform - "Mobi Dik"

Copyright Medved Vitaliy,

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